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Sunset Jumpers is a challenging but not unfair platformer with tight controls. 

You control "Elvis" a dude with a tie with the goal of escape the sunset and go to a party.

Sunset jumpers is a little platformer which is born with the only premise that people can have a challeging but fair experience and just have a fun time.

I have been working on this project for quite a few months now. The game is still incomplete but i wanted to publish it for free so people can try it and i can have a little feedback for the people who tried meanwhile i continue his development.

I don't have any big plans for it, but if i see people like it and this game have support, i am determined to make him as big as posible.

Please, don't be afraid to download it and give me your feedback. I just really want people to play my game and give me his honest opinion (keep in mind is still a work in progress thought :D).


SunsetJumpers - Alfa0.7.1.zip 14 MB

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